Fun Sex Games

Are you looking for fun sex games to spice up the passion in the bedroom? Here’s a guide to some outrageous games that will leave you and your partner sizzling the bedsheets…

Sex Games 1. Pick and choose.

Grab a pen and six pieces of same-colored paper. Divide the pieces of paper among each other. Each partner gets to write a fun sexual instruction on their pieces of paper. Once that is done, fold the pieces of paper up and put them into a bowl. Finally, take turns picking from the bowl and following the instructions written on the paper.

Some suggestions for instructions could be:

perform a sensual dance while doing a strip-tease,
blindfold your partner and tease him/her
touch yourself in a sensual way for your partner to watch,
give your partner’s genitals a slow massage
perform oral sex for your partner
use a prop to pleasure yourself, etc.

Use your imagination and see whether you can use this game to get your partner to try out some bold moves you’ve been fantasizing about, or you thought were previously off-limits. You can even use a die to decide how many pieces of paper to draw at one time, so that you combine the instructions.

Sex Games 2. Sexual Truth or Dare.

This is a great fun game to play to get to know your sexual partner better and bond with each other. Ask about each other’s fantasies and dare each other to do something out of the ordinary. Push your limits and you may be pleasantly surprised at the ideas you and your partner can come up with in the heat of the moment!

A tip to increase the fun of this game, is to do it while having dinner in a restaurant. After all, don’t you agree that it’s more of a dare when you ask your partner to remove his/her underwear in public?

Sex Games 3. Closet Make-out Game.

Get your sex partner to wait in a dark closet while you slip out of your clothes or into something sexy. Turn off the lights and then get into the closet with him/her. This game allows your and your partner to have some variation of where to have foreplay. Plus, the new environment will stimulate your senses. Waiting and anticipating what’s about to happen will also guarantee to help your partner feel red-hot. An added tip is to kiss your partner everywhere else except on their lips. This will enhance their longing for you.

Sex Games 4. Kidnapped.

This game involves a blindfold and some neck-ties which you use to tie your sexual partner’s wrists up (you can use handcuffs too if you like). Once your partner is blindfolded, lead him/her to somewhere in the house where you’ve not had sex in before. For example, the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, garage, etc. Then play with your partner as you please because you’re his/her kidnapper!

I hope you and your partner have lots of fun playing these 4 sex games I’ve shared. Sex is extremely important in any long-term relationship, and it truly does take effort to keep it fresh and exciting. Keep looking for more fun sex games to play!.

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